Wrist Power Ball (Hand and Wrist Trainer)

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This wrist or hand trainer is an ideal piece of exercise equipment to have especially if you’re experiencing hand or wrist pain. This wrist power ball will help you strengthen your hands or wrists and will help you manage the pain if you have some.

This wrist power ball is ideal for people who do a lot with their hands like athletes, computer typists, pianists, or people who work with intricate and tedious hand work like assembling, sewing, and a lot more. This wrist trainer will provide you the training you need for your hands and wrists to avoid injury or chronic pain.

This wrist power ball is lightweight and portable. It is made of a durable material, has a steel axis and won’t easily break. You can conveniently bring this wrist trainer with you wherever you go.

This is perfect for people who have computer related jobs where they have to type or use the mouse for long hours every day.



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