Universal Balance Cushion

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This universal balance cushion or also known as yoga stability half ball is a great addition to your exercise or work-out equipment. This is ideal if you are into balance and stability training. You’ll be able to safely execute various exercise moves with this balance cushion.


This universal balance cushion can be used for various work-out or exercise routine. It is also ideal for core exercises, yoga or pilates. This will really help strengthen your core or abdomen area. It is also a comfortable cushion for meditating or when you sit on the floor.


This universal balance cushion is lightweight and you can conveniently bring it with you anywhere. This cushion can also be used for comfort. If you want to add a stable cushion on your chair, as a pillow on your couch, as a booster, etc.


This universal balance cushion comes in 2 colors: blue and pink and has 2 different sides. This is perfect for working out at home.


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Weight 0.95 kg
Dimensions 47 x 38 x 3 cm

Blue, Pink


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